Sports have always been played for many years on various types of surfaces and although natural grass has been the surface of choice, artificial grass has become the preferred surface for many sports grounds owners. This largely due to the technological changes that have led to the development of new and various types of artificial grass that can now suit all types of sports surface requirements.

Sports which are generally played on grass that can now benefit from artificial playing surfaces include:

  • Soccer/indoor soccer/mini soccer
  • Cricket/mini cricket/indoor cricket
  • Tennis
  • Golf/Putting Greens/driving ranges
  • Baseball/ softball
  • Bowls
  • Swimming pools/ indoor and outdoor

Artificial turf is most often associated with sports such as field hockey, golf, tennis and soccer, the applications are endless. Due to the high costs of maintenance of natural grass surfaces many home and business owners are now also opting for artificial turf for area's such as roof gardens, patio's, balconies, swimming pools and business gardens. Other applications also include area's where traffic is very high such as playing grounds or public gardens. Pet owners can also benefit from the advantages.

Advantages of artificial grass:

  • High durability allows sports grounds to maximise playing time on the field, generating more revenue
  • No expensive irrigation systems are required
  • No fertiliser, pesticides or chemicals are required
  • No mowing or cutting is needed to maintain synthetic grass
  • The lack of sunlight has no effect on artificial grass
  • High volume traffic areas such as playing grounds and playing fields need no maintenance.
  • Outdoors sports can be played indoors